Week 13: Work Week

We’ve moved some work around to allow more time to prepare our Leadership Learning Module therefore, this week is a work week to make sure our module is ready.  Here’s what needs to happen.

Due Tuesday

  •  Review the module instructions/home page http://jaimiehoffman.populr.me/foothillasb1
    • Check for spelling or grammatical errors on the home page and make sure the instructions are clear (picture yourself as a student enrolling in the module).  If you find errors, post a comment below here on this page.
    • Open each presentation/activity and review the instructions carefully, check for spelling or grammatical errors,  (post a comment below here on this page) and make sure the instructions are clear (picture yourself as a student enrolling in the module).  If you find errors or area of improvement on the GooglePresentations, insert a comment.  If you find an error or area of improvement on the VoiceThread, post a comment below here on this page for Ana to make revisions
  • Since each of you will have your own page to facilitate, I need to personalize the page for you.  This includes putting your bio, picture and email address on the page.  Please email this information to me at jaimie.hoffman@csuci.edu

Due Wednesday

  • Make any changes to your portion of the module as noted by your classmates


  • I will duplicate the page and activities and will email you a link to your module page

Due Friday

  • You need to add narration to the VoiceThread.  You will do this by accessing the VoiceThread from our CI Learn page (not from your module page).
  • You need to create an overview video that welcomes your group and provides instructions for the module (similar to the weekly videos I make for you).
  • I will email you a rubric that will be used to grade your facilitation of the module, I will ask that you confirm to adhere to the requirements on the rubric.  It is very important that your module is facilitated well since we are collaborating with a local high school and need to represent the University appropriately.


Rough Draft

On another note, your rough draft for the Your Leadership Philosophy Paper is due very quickly after Thanksgiving Break AND the same week as the Leadership Learning Module.  You should use this week to work ahead on the rough draft.  Please be sure to review the feedback I provided for you on your outlines.

5 thoughts on “Week 13: Work Week”

  1. I think it would be helpful with the Google Presentations to tell students after clicking on the options wheel to the select “open editor” in case they are unfamiliar with the program. With the first GoogleDoc there were some spelling errors in it, and I can not seem to access the second one.
    For the voice thread explanation on the main page would it be better to say “Respond to both slides” instead of say “respond to two slides”? It may be more clear for students.

    Also, under Thursday and Friday under the second bullet point we should say “examples from the leadership video” not “examples from the leadership article”

  2. On the leadership activity presentation on slide two instead of it saying “name the leader them and why you selected them ” erase the “them” after leader
    On the PowerPoint for identifying you r leadership on slide two erase the sextinction that says “that you chose”

  3. In the due Thursday and Friday section, there is an unnecessary apostrophe where it reads, “disagree with student responses’.”

  4. The Google Document that I have the outline on that I made does not match the outline of the finished product. How would you like me going about editing the outline for the final project (as it is my portion of it)?


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