This is the End

On a scale of 1-5 (5 being consistently), how consistent and timely were you with submitting your blog posts and learning activities in a timely manner?


On a scale of 1-5 (5 being consistently), how consistent and timely were you with participation posts on your peer’s blogs, GooglePresentation Discussions and VoiceThread comments?


Please describe what you think your strengths were with regard to blogging and participation.

I think that my strengths were that I took time when trying to evaluate each chapter and answer the questions as thoroughly as possible. I also believe that when I would read my classmates work, I would really try to give them feedback from a completely different perspective, mainly to have discussion use more critical thinking than anything else.

Please describe how you think you could improve on your blogging and participation.

I believe I could have been a bit more timely with my responses.

What were strengths of the course (optional)?

I believe that the strengths of the course consisted of great material (I really enjoyed the textbook as a whole) and great learning experiences. Learning how to use a plethora of different technological advances was really amazing and I know they will definitely come in helpful in the future.

What suggestions do you have for this class in the future (optional)?

I think that the layout of the website could be constructed a little differently. In my opinion the weekly assignment tabs got a little clustered with breaking it up into blog post, participation and assignments rather than just what is due on Tuesday and what is due on Friday.

At least one more face to face meet up would have been beneficial.

What advice do you have for individuals who take this class in the future (optional)?

I would advise others who take this course to make a timeline to work on assignments according to what best works with their schedule and to stick to it. Also, I would advise others to check the website as frequently as possible as you do not receive notifications when something is posted.




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