!Au revoir¡

How consistent and timely were you with submitting your blog posts and learning activities in a timely manner?

4.5 (Although today it would be a 1!)

How consistent and timely were you with participation posts on your peer’s blogs, GooglePresentation Discussions and VoiceThread comments?


Please describe what you think your strengths were with regard to blogging and participation.

I think my strength is I critically analyze what my peers have been talking about and I ask questions about their postings (that I hope) caused them to look at the subject matter in a different light or caused them to analyze their point of view even more. Another strength of mine is when we did the assignments I would try to realistically look at myself and the impact that the material has on me. I tried to make everything we did in class personal and applicable to myself.


Please describe how you think you could improve on your blogging and participation.

I think I could have responded to more people. This means reading everyone’s blogs and placing a well-thought comment or question on each one. I usually responded to about two classmates but looking back on it I would have liked to respond to each classmate so I could see the material from a different perspective. I also think I could have responded more to peers who initially responded to me and continue to hold a discussion with them about the various topics. In terms of my blogging, the whole experience is very new to me. I am glad that there were prompts to respond to because it maid it much easier to right. However, I think I could have gone about it a different way. For example, instead of writing straight onto the blog site I could prepare my response in Word. That way corrections are easier to make and see. Once the corrections are made I could paste the document into the blog.


What were strengths of the course?

The strengths of the course were definitely the use of technology. That was a major point for me. I feel I have become much more computer literate as a result of this course. I also feel that I have learned to integrate technology into the classroom through the example of my teacher; which is very beneficial for me because I want to teach.

What suggestions do you have for this class in the future?

Clarity of expectations in the beginning. Especially with an online class. Many students do not take online classes seriously. Another thing is having more “due dates” for assignments. By thin I mean instead of having something due on Tuesday and Friday, have something Due on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It can be the same project but the work load is broken down. It forces the students to stay organized and gives them organization as well.


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