Important Update on Leadership Learning Module


Unfortunately I do not feel comfortable moving forward with allowing the class to facilitate leadership module with the high school students.  This week, only two of you have been timely and thorough with feedback and completing the assignments, a third has completed the assignments (but not on time) and two of you have not be participative at all.  I can’t progress with this module as is due to lack of confidence in the fact that a positive experience will be provided to this high school students.

In lieu of completing the module as planned online, the three of you who have been engaged consistently with module preparation will teach the module to a person face-to-face.  1. Teach the module: By Friday, December 5, you will select one person to walk through the module and engage in a discussion through the process (as noted by the existing discussion questions).   The person who you teach must submit the following evaluation by Friday, December 5 in order for you to earn the 50 participation points for the module  2. Submit reflection: Additionally, you must complete a 2 page reflection documenting what you learned through the process of creating and implementing the module.  This is due to me via email at no later than Friday, December 5.

Those of you who have not been engaged consistently with module preparation must complete a 3-5 research paper on a leader in history.  Five scholarly, peer-revised sources must be include along with at least three connections to the class content including a brief summary of the leader’s impact on history and an analysis of his/her leadership style, traits and characteristics.  The paper is due by Friday, December 5 and is worth 60 points.

I will send you all an individual Eyejot video tomorrow informing you which assignment you must complete.