Week 2 Announcement

Dear Class:

I thoroughly enjoyed our time together on Friday and hope you did too!  Thank you for your engagement and attentiveness – I know it was A LOT in the first day.  Please don’t think you have to remember every single detail; I’m here to help you along the way and our assignments will build your knowledge bit by bit.

The syllabus on our course website has been updated with regard to the decision we made on the book review.

During week two, we will be focusing on some foundational aspects of leaders such how to define a leader and whatLeadership defintion
traits, skills or behaviors a leader should have.  You’re required to read a chapter in our text along with a journal article and then submit a blog post and a complete activities posted in a GooglePresentation. Last, you get to set up the structure of your e-portfolio. Check out this page for instructions on what to do for week 2: http://ls490.jaimiehoffman.com/learning-modules/week-2-understanding-leadership/

Also, please complete the following survey by Friday, 9/5 at 11:59 p.m. to earn 10 points of extra credit. Just email me (jaimie.hoffman@csuci.edu) with a screen shot of your survey confirmation page.


Let me know if you have any questions!!