Week 4 – 9/19: Engaging People’s Strengths

Learning Outcomes

As a result of completing this module, students will be able to:

  1. Summarize others’ perceptions of their strengths
  2. Assess their own strengths
  3. Create ways to share strengths with others
  4. Apply their strengths to a leadership scenario

Due Date Overview

Work Due Tuesday: 9/16 Due Friday: 9/19
Required Reading Chapter 3 None
Learning Activities Interviews | Self-Assessment | Blog Post #3 Participation in Blog
Assignments Your Story Participation in Your Story

Required Reading

  • Northouse, P. G. (2009). Introduction to leadership: Concepts and practice. Los Angeles: Sage Publications. Chapter 3

Learning Activities

Due Tuesday, 9/16

  • INTERVIEWS: Interview three people you know (e.g. friends, family, coworkers, colleagues, family members) with whom you feel comfortable asking for feedback about yourself.  Ask them them to do the following:
    • Think of a time or situation when they saw you at your best
    • Tell a brief story about what you were doing
    • Describe why they thought you were performing well in this situation
    • Based on this story, describe what unique benefits you offered others in this situation
  • SELF-ASSESSMENT:  After reading the text and getting a good understanding of each of the strengths assessments/inventories covered, select one of the assessments to complete.
    • StrengthsFinder Profile – This retails for about $15 and is a great resource — many organizations are using it (as discussed in our text.  Most bookstores have it and here’s a link to it on Amazon
    • Values in Action Inventory of Strengths (VIA-IS) –  This is available for free at http://www.viacharacter.org/
    • Centre of Applied Positive Psychology  (CAPP) and Realise2 Assessment – This is available on http://www.cappeu.com/Realise2/StandardProfile.aspx for £20.00+VAT (about $30)
  • BLOG POST: Create a blog post titled “Blog Post #3 – Engaging People’s Strengths″ and respond to the following questions (include each question before your answer).
    • Who did you interview?  What did you learn from your interviews? Be sure to share two or three recurring themes from the interviews.
    • Which self assessment did you take?  What were your results?  What did you learn?  Do you agree or disagree with your results?  Please explain.

Due Friday, 9/19

  • Participation in Blog Post: Respond to at least one of your classmate’s blog post (a link will to all blogs will be posted here). Participating through blog post discussion allows you to foster discussion, debate, and inspire new thinking. When reading your colleague’s post, be mindful. Do you agree or disagree with their assessment of the reading/perspectives? Why? Is there something your colleague missed that would help inform his/her post? Do you have questions that are unanswered after reading their post? Have we/you read another article that offers different insight into the topic? If so, how would that author feel about your classmate’s post?