Week 2 – 9/5: Understanding Leadership

Required Reading

Learning Activities


  1. BLOG POST: Create a blog post titled “Blog Post #1” and respond to the following questions (include each question before your answer).  Email a link to your blog to jaimie.hoffman@csuci.edu.
    1. On what occasions have you been asked to lead? Why?  How did you respond?
    2. What types of roles do you anticipate being asked to (or elect to) fulfill (or elect to) in the future?
    3. In what situations do you feel most prepared to lead?  Least prepared?  Which of the leadership approaches in the chapter best explain your preparation or lack of preparation?
    4. What conceptualization of leadership (from chapter 1) most appeals to you and why?  Which one least appeals to you?
  2. GOOGLE PRESENTATION:  (See bottom of page) Click on the collaborative presentation below and follow the instructions on the slide.  To edit the presentation, click the “options” wheel on the bottom.



  1. Participation in Blog Post: Respond to at least one of your classmate’s blog post (a link will to all blogs will be posted here). Participating through blog post discussion allows you to foster discussion, debate, and inspire new thinking.  When reading your colleague’s post, be mindful. Do you agree or disagree with their assessment of the reading/perspectives? Why? Is there something your colleague missed that would help inform his/her post? Do you have questions that are unanswered after reading their post? Have we/you read another article that offers different insight into the topic? If so, how would that author feel about your classmate’s post?
  2. Participation in Google Presentation:  See Google Presentation for instructions.



  • Site structure:  Set up your WordPress site for the e-portfolio, install a theme and create a menu that reflects the required (see list below) and desired content (see syllabus for suggestions).
    • Resume
    • About me
    • Personal statement draft
    • Mission pillar reflection
    • Leadership story and philosophy
  •  Post a link to your page below under “leave a comment.”

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    The link to my website has been included above which includes my Blog Post #1 and all of the pages that we will be working on over the course of the semester!


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