Week 15 – 12/5: Feedback Week

Due Tuesday, 12/2:

Your Leadership Philosophy Paper:  Upload a draft or your paper to GoogleDocs and post a link to it on the following document by following the instructions noted on the document: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1t8VvLs5uo2bkIOMwVQEW9H1CtNzQmm1ebfR1st6d_MY/edit?usp=sharing

Due Friday, 12/5:

Your Leadership Philosophy Paper Feedback

You will provide feedback to your assigned classmate (listed below).  Your feedback should include in text comments that address areas of strengths and improvement regarding content and grammar.  You must also include a paragraph description assessing how well the paper addresses the requirements of the rubric noted here.

  • Rhonna gives Cody feedback
  • Cody gives Rhonna feedback
  • Ana gives Forrest feedback
  • Forrest gives Kyle feedback
  • Kyle gives Ana feedback

Leadership Learning Module/Leadership Research Paper

Leadership Learning Module:

In lieu of completing the module as planned online, the three of you who have been engaged consistently with module preparation will teach the module to a person face-to-face.  1. Teach the module: By Friday, December 5, you will select one person to walk through the module and engage in a discussion through the process (as noted by the existing discussion questions).   The person who you teach must submit the following evaluation by Friday, December 5 in order for you to earn the 50 participation points for the module http://goo.gl/forms/cLoHBtslcF.  2. Submit reflection: Additionally, you must complete a 2 page reflection documenting what you learned through the process of creating and implementing the module.  This is due to me via email at jaimie.hoffman@csuci.edu no later than Friday, December 5.

Leadership Research Paper:

Those of you who have not been engaged consistently with module preparation must complete a 3-5 research paper on a leader in history.  Five scholarly, peer-revised sources must be include along with at least three connections to the class content including a brief summary of the leader’s impact on history and an analysis of his/her leadership style, traits and characteristics.  The paper is due by Friday, December 5 and is worth 60 points.

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