Week 12 – 11/14: Addressing Ethics in Leadership & Overcoming Obstacles

Learning Outcomes

As a result of completing this module, students will be able to:

  1. Discuss past experiences with receiving unclear directions and when tasks were too simple or complex
  2. Analyze components of Expectancy Theory
  3. Assess and discuss which leadership styles (directive, supportive, achievement-oriented or participative) are most challenging
  4. Assess their core values and apply these to future plans
  5. Discuss ethical and unethical leadership; compare and contrast the character of a leader with the actions of a leader

Due Date Overview

Work Due Wednesday: 11/13 Due Friday: 11/14
Required Reading Chapter 11 (Addressing Ethical Issues in Leadership)Chapter 12 (Overcoming Obstacles) None
Learning Activities BlogPost  |  Week 12 VoiceThread Participation
Assignments Finalize LLM & Record Overview; YLP Outline

Required Reading

  • Northouse, P. G. (2009). Introduction to leadership: Concepts and practice. Los Angeles: Sage Publications. Chapter 11 (Addressing Ethical Issues in Leadership) & Chapter 12 (Overcoming Obstacles)

Learning Activities

Due Wednesday, 11/13

  1. VoiceThread –   Log into our course in CI Learn, click on Voicethreads and click on the “Week 12 VoiceThread.” Follow the instructions on the VoiceThread (you will need a web cam for this activity).
  2. Blog Post – The Complexity of Ethics
    1. Post a link to a current event involving unethical or ethical leadership.
      1. What would take for more people to engage in the ethical actions presented?
      2. What actions are needed to change the unethical behavior into ethical behavior?
    2. Based on your responses to the Core Values Questionnaire, what are your core values?
      1. To what degree would you say that your actions align with your values?  How would you want to improve in this area?
      2. Do you think other people know your core values?
      3. Are you comfortable talking about your core values with others?
      4. In your planning for the future (e.g. next five years), how will your values influence what you do?

Due Friday, 11/14

  • Participation: Respond to at least TWO of your classmate’s responses to the VoiceThread and Blog Post.