The Complexity of Ethics

Post a link to a current event involving unethical or ethical leadership.

What would take for more people to engage in the ethical actions presented?

I think that it is just people’s conscious and integrity that it takes for people to engage in the ethical actions presented. Although not everyone can see the ethical side of this story (and I can admit that it took me a couple reads through the article to see it myself), when looking at the larger picture, Shaw eventually decided to come clean about his acts, and not everyone would be able to do that.

What actions are needed to change the unethical behavior into ethical behavior?

I think that I use the term integrity loosely in the prior question, as to me integrity means do the right thing at all times, and clearly that is not the first decision Shaw chose when the incident first happened. However, he eventually came around, whether that be because of his integrity or other reasons.


Based on your responses to the Core Values Questionnaire, what are your core values?

My core values, according to the questionnaire, are justice and integrity.

To what degree would you say that your actions align with your values?  How would you want to improve in this area?

I think that my actions align with my values often, but definitely have space to be improved. I think that justice is an important value to me, but also covers a lot of areas that can sometimes be overlooked. A way of improvement would be to review all areas/perspectives to keep them all on the “front burner” as often as possible.

Do you think other people know your core values?

I think that people who have worked with me would be able to identify my core values. However, friends that have not worked with me in a professional or even somewhat professional setting would probably not be able to name my core values.

Are you comfortable talking about your core values with others?

Because integrity became a new value that I hold near and dear to my heart within the last 5 years, I try to talk about it as often as possibly and share my personal belief on integrity. I even try to subliminally teach my students (grades 1-5) integrity whenever I get the chance. I have no problem talking about my core values with others.

In your planning for the future (e.g. next five years), how will your values influence what you do?

I think that my values are going to influence what I do daily and positively. I am constantly trying to gain people’s opinions on matters and/or self written definitions to gain perspectives on the values I know I hold for myself to see how I am able to constantly enhance those. With being able to enhance them I have to potential of influencing a child’s life when I work with them.