About This Course

Through this capstone course, students will learn about leadership theories, assess their leadership style, and reflect on the relationship between teaching and leading.  Students will also create an online portfolio or multimedia project that demonstrates their learning and development throughout their undergraduate experience. This course will take place in a blended learning format therefore students taking this course should be comfortable with technology.


As a result of participating in this course, students will be able to:

  • Present arguments clearly and logically that integrate content, ideas, and approaches from integrative perspectives across disciplines;
  • Assess their leadership philosophy, traits, skills, and behaviors;
  • Describe fundamental ways leadership is practiced in on-going organizations;
  • Apply theories of leadership to real-world scenarios;
  • Generate an action plan with ways to improve what they do as leaders and how to capitalize on strengths;
  • Articulate the relationship between teaching and leading;
  • Summarize key elements of leader/follower interactions and evaluate how this information can be used to improve an organization;
  • Disseminate their final course project;
  • Identify and describe the modern world and issues facing societies from multiple perspectives including those within and across disciplines, cultures and nations (when appropriate). (Interdisciplinary, Multicultural, International perspectives)
  • Analyze issues, and develop and convey to others solutions to problems using the methodologies, tools and techniques of an academic discipline.