Class reflections

Dear Class:

I would love to feature your thoughts in a video trailer I’m going to make for our class to let folks know about it for next semester.  I would be ever so grateful if you could video yourself answering one of the following questions in 30 seconds or less.  It would be awesome if you could send me your videos via email as an attachment (which should work since they’ll be short) by Tuesday.  I am hoping I can have it posted on the Liberal Studies Capstone website so you’ll be featured for others to see. This means I also have to caption the video so it’s going to take a little extra work… that’s why I’m asking for it early.:)  Try to sit in a quiet spot please.

  • What did you like most about the class?
  • What was the experience with using technology like?
  • Why would you recommend someone to take this class

At the end of the semester I’ll ask you to give advice for the next group of students but since this video is to recruit, my hope is to capture your positive thoughts.  However, if you do not feel positively about it… don’t feel pressured to send a video. :0)

Thank you all in advance!!


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